SKD (AC) has established itself after it acquired its expertise from a German company which has specialized in building wooden homes for over 100 years.

The German company experts have accompanied the development of the Israeli SKD company factory building wooden homes. Over the years SKD has acquired technological knowledge in order to build private homes and public buildings that are based on steel frames.

The knowledge and experience that has been accumulated in the factory and in the field has established it as a leader and a major brand name in this specialized building Implementation of this advanced construction method of hundreds of home and public buildings that has led to great success over the years.

For 35 years, with the establishment of the company we, at SKD, ensure that our company values are engraved in our work ethic and our vision of our future.

Integrity, professionalism, without compromises, allows us to be in the forefront of advanced building. Our services provide our clients with direct contact at all times. While keeping abreast of the constant technological innovations and development in the business relationships with foreign companies that are leading the field of advanced construction we are able to provide to our clients the highest quality product available on the market.