Our professional staff consists of the best trained people in their field of expertise within the framework of advanced construction. Expertise and professionalism are the core values of the company, felt from the first to the last workers on our staff.

Oded Hameiri

expert in the advanced construction is considered one of the pioneers in this progressive field in Israel. He has supported and encouraged businesses in this specialized field during the past 40 years and has blazed a new path in the field of advanced technology. After realizing that advanced green technology is the future and that flexibility in design, planning and quality homes adds security, durability and sustainability.

Shaked Hameiri
sales and marketing director of the company

He has completed his degree in Business Administration and marketing at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel. Shaked is well versed in advanced construction and knows every aspect of the process inside and out. He has accumulated experience and has guided dozen of families throughout the construction process, a true professional with a bright future in SKD.

Terry Solomon
resident architect

immigrated to Israel from Britain in 1981. Terry is a graduate of The Faculty of Architecture – Polytechnic of the South Bank in London in 1980. Terry has extensive experience and a broad perspective that allows him to provide solutions both technical and architectural, to understand the constraints and relate to clients requirements both large and small. With Terry at the helm our clients receive complete .comprehensive solutions tailored to their subjective needs.

Gadi Kuritsky
SKD’s sales representative

SKD’s sales representative, also Jelovica windows and doors. Born in the USA with a degree in environmental studies from University of Massachusetts, made Aliya and then returned to form his own building company using the same building methods as SKD. Immediately after meeting Mr. Oded HaMeiri, Gadi joined the company. He brings another dimension to SKD due to his knowledge of green technology and sustainability.

Osama Dochie
Principal engineer

Osama is our head engineer who plans the construction of our walls and foundations. Osama graduated with a degree in practical engineering in from Tel Hai University in 1998. At first to gain field experience, Osama worked at various construction sites throughout the country planning and implementing his engineering skills. He has been with SKD for the last 8 years garnering extensive knowledge in the field.

Gilad Israeli
production manager

Gilad is our production manager, studied computer engineering, alternative medicine but most importantly found his niche through personal experience through construction, particularly in wood. Gilad has been with SKD for more than 10 years; he recently built an SKD home for his family in the north.