Safad courthouse

SKD built this 900-square-meter courthouse in 2012. The first four floors are used as a commercial center on which the courthouse was built on the fifth floor. It was a challenging project; working at night, blocking roads, tight schedules when the municipality only allowed three days of work each week between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM, all internal and exterior walls were installed in one day. Due to the special needs of the courthouse, we worked with 8 – 10 meter length walls and 4 ½ meters in height. Certainly a challenge! The most stringent standards were met due to its usage as a courthouse. Both the construction and the level of finish are beyond imagination. There was a need for high acoustic insulation due to the isolation between courtrooms. Transportation obstacles due to the oversized walls were overcome, as well as traveling the narrow roads of Safed.

חזית בית המשפט צפת
תכנון בית המשפט צפת