Building method

Advanced Construction, What is it?

The construction technique followed by SKD has been developed in Germany with German technology and equipment that has been refined and developed in accordance with (modern) reality technology in the market and today the company is applying the principles of this method with attention to developments and new technologies all in order to streamline the construction process and make the finished product a better quality product for the customer.

According to the original method that was  adapted for the insulation level of European weather due to the extreme low temperatures SKD matched the product and the technique in accordance to the diverse Israeli climate combining heat, high humidity and others; cold, rain and wind.

Great thermal insulation which offers a sensible method of insulating derives from the combination of existing building materials. Using a strong wooden skeleton (frame) produced on a series of pneumatic work tables glues strength and durability over years with a high level of finish. The choice of a glass wool insulator primarily, F30 polystyrene (Styrofoam compressed) and 16mm fireproof plaster, creates a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation in solutions which saves energy costs for heating and cooling the house.

The technique that the company operates the facilities with and its professionals at its disposal allows repaid construction that ensures high quality. The materials used allows wider spans, more open spaces up to 12M verses 6M with conventional construction. With the SKD system we can also reach 3 floors without the need for reinforcement. Resilience, strength and first class materials are our standards in advanced construction.