Advantages of the Method

The construction method applied by SKD is a well established method originating in Europe. In accordance with the Israeli climate SKD has developed the ultimate technical method of building that is well suited for here.

Acoustic Insulation

Integration of polystyrene F30 (polystyrene) and glass wool create a high acoustic level which separates the noise coming from outside. Glass wool absorption coefficients determined octaves between the frequencies 125Hz to 400Hz using Interformer. It also meets the 751 Israeli international standards. In addition the interior walls are filled with glass woo

Thermal Insulation

The most important advantage is the great thermal insulation that is provided by the company’s construction method. The main insulation materials is different thickness of glass wool filling spaces inside the wall inside the house. Thermal insulation allows saving of up to 75% electricity used for heating and cooling the house.

Strength Resilience

Using large wide wooden structural beams in the house framing, both inside and out allows the building up to 3 stories without the need for reinforcement or special preparations. This reduces the economic burden in the addition of building additional floors.

open space

Using multi-layered wooden beams allows the builder wider spans between rooms or space between walls. You can reach up to 12 meters between spans (open space) verses 6 meters with conventional building. This allows for building larger open spaces improving quality of life, the flow of air in the room and light.

Speed of Construction

During the site work and preparation in the field the company is manufacturing all the elements required to build the house. Preparation and attention to detail allows the professional staff to assemble the elements quickly. This efficiency saves time,reduces waiting time to complete the project. The company’s standard contract is 6 months until completion.

Low weight

Type of construction also known as “Lightweight Construction” in accordance with the relatively low weight of any single item used in the construction process itself. This allows buildings on existing structures without the need for additional strengthening the structure.

Low Maintenance

The wood used to build walls are not exposed to the same natural hazards after going through an impregnation process and is resistant to pests and fire. It is highly resistant to earthquakes and reduces the formation of cracks and lowers the level of maintenance significantly.

Earthquake Resistant

Israel is located near the Great Rift Valley. This causes fluctuations in the soil for many, although minimal, such that we do not pay attention to them, but strong enough to weaken structures built by conventional methods, i.e., concrete and block. Over the years the cracks are definitely visible. The use of wood, a living material is flexible and more suit

Houses Built with Quality

Quality homes are SKD’s motto. Stringent construction standards and quality control is passed onto the homeowner. From the moment we hand you our business card until you receive the keys to your new home our staff guides and accompanies you every step of the way. SKD maintains an unparallel level of construction detail from design, material and finish. This

Accuracy and Finish

In similar construction methods especially methods that originate in the USA it is customary to build the framing at the job site. The method used by SKD allows both the internal and external walls to be constructed at the factory as well as all the other elements required building the house. This process allows better quality


Quality construction, quality materials, years of experience allows SKD to provide a warranty for the frame and structure for a period of 12 years; the longest in Israel. SKD stands behind its product. In addition, one year after completion of the project our professional staff at SKD comes to your home to check that your home is functioning optimally.

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