Wood stores carbon even after the tree has been harvested

Trees and wood products have a unique ability to store carbon.  Through the process of photosynthesis, trees grow and take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They convert this into carbon and give off oxygen for us to breathe.  When trees are harvested and used to make wood products, the carbon remains stored in the […]

Wood is renewable

Responsibly sourced wood is renewable.  Responsibly, well-managed forests and plantations (as recognised by FSC) will regrow to provide a wide range of other benefits such as further carbon storage, oxygen generation and forest habitat.  Additionally, after decades or even centuries of use, wood buildings can be easily adapted or deconstructed and reused, which means they […]

Why use Wood

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Sustainability of Building Materials  Wood Steel Concrete Total Energy Use Lowest 140% more 70% more Greenhouse Gases Lowest 45% more 81% more Air Pollution Lowest 42% more 67% more Water Pollution Lowest 1900% more 90% more Solid Waste Lowest 36% more 96% more Ecological Resource Use Lowest 16% more 97% more Source: The […]

Building Green with Wood Construction

Building Green with Wood Construction Jim DeStefano, P.E., AIA Sustainable design is a tough issue for structural engineers to get their arms around. While the sustainable design movement has taken the architecture and engineering world by storm in the past few years, it is often unclear what role the structural engineer can play. Essentially, “sustainable” […]