Green Building

Our world is a vast wonder where every day we discover new hidden surprises. But unfortunately the last decade we all realize the extent of damage to our environment.

Mass production brings air pollution, non-perishable materials last hundreds of years, and the exploitation of our natural resources that will never return our killing our delicate eco-systems forever.

SKD as part of this new world understands the mistakes of the past and strives to do its best to prevent it from recurring.

Our wood comes from different regions in Europe. It is mostly
spruce which grows in very cold areas making it particularly dense which is ideal for construction. There is a strict inspection in Europe which allows only 3 % of the forests to be harvested yearly.

Wood processing is among the lowest in the construction field as far as pollution is concerned. Wood residues (sawdust) are used for making insulation, paper, and other items.

Wood is an excellent insulator because it does not conduct heat which saves energy and reduces emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.