SKD was established by Mr. Oden HaMeiri and he is still the

CEO. Mr. HaMeiri began by specializing in building preservation where he began projects at very different and complex levels.

For example: the Atilt Detention Camp, archeological excavation at Bet Sheen, and Sepphoris, reconstruction of the Bar Yochai Alley in Safed and many others.

After a holiday in Germany, he showed an interest in German construction methods that he implemented here. He forged a special relationship with a small German company specializing in wooden windows and doors at a very high level. Until this day, the Germany company has expanded to more than 30 workers and is involved in many large complex projects throughout Germany.

The company (Deiber) specializes in wood joinery at the highest level and provides the most appropriate preservation methods of wooden windows that require strictly accurate detailing during their manufacturing.

You can order any window according to the exact specifications, desired size, color and type of wood, openings and hardware.

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