Wood-aluminium windows

Wooden windows imported by WoodWin (a subsidiary of SKD Advanced Building) are manufactured with the utmost care combining quality, beauty and strength. Jelovica has manufactured windows for over 100 years with unparalleled success combined with advanced technology and a long term tradition to create the best possible product.

The Premium Series is the perfect combination of wood and aluminum which allows the home owner the beauty of wood inside and the practicality of aluminum outside. The interior wood achieves insulation qualities, magnificent beauty and moisture regulation. Aluminum exteriors guard against the outside elements offering high durability, innovation, and modernity in its appearance.

Three layers of glass (you can order also two layers) form an insulation mass of 4 millimeters of glass, 16 millimeters of hollow space filled with argon, a non-toxic glass which is an excellent insulation layer in itself, and another 4 millimeters of glass. All of our windows have two aluminum drip edges to prevent moisture build-up and can be ordered in a variety of colors. Window handles come in gray, brown and white with locking mechanisms made in Germany in accordance with the size of the window and its opening.

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