Materials and Technologies

Building materials used by SKD are among the finest and most advanced in their field. There is a mix of materials including materials imported from Europe conforming to the strictest European standards while insuring that all other materials have the label of Israeli Bureau of Standards. Among the materials used by SKD:

Acrylic Materials

Polymer-based materials that have the characteristic of elasticity and durability over many years. These features allow flexibility of movement especially during shifting of the ground while protecting it from cracks and external damage.

Advanced Acrylic Materials

seal the structure from water penetration yet allows the material to breathe and at the same time moves water vapor out making it a worthy alternative for coating all interior walls and wet areas (bathroom spaces, water closets). The acrylic plaster can be obtained in a variety of textures, colors and finishes, from the plaster used in the factory carries an Israeli standard #1731.


15.9mm gypsum board is fire resistant to 75 minutes and contains antioxidants preventing combustion. This feature allows its use for room dividers and can be used to cover steel construction, air conditioning duct work, piers, wooden homes and more. The use of fire- resistant gypsum insures safety throughout the home.

Level VG100 13mm

These are plywood panels made from pressed and glued particles that are tightly woven. SKD imports this material made by SPANO-BELGIUM. This material is moisture- resistant, allows easy threading during its operation. Moisture-resistant boards limit expansion and swelling thanks to their moisture-resistant glue system and at the same time retains its mechanical strength.

Special Glue (MUF)

(melamine urea formaldehyde) prevents the expansion of the material and has the feature of resisting high humidity. Long term immersion has no effect on its performance.

Glass Wool

This material is considered one of the best insulators, especially when integrating it with gypsum partitions and is used also in ceilings and tiled roofs. The use of glass wool regulates temperature transitions between day and night, as well as stands up to 250,C and its melting point is higher than 100,C . The unique properties of the material allow cost reduction of heating and cooling the house.

Polystyrene F30

Aluminum being a durable material is used for protection against the penetration of water that drips down on the wall as the result of rain. It is important to incorporate drip edges during the construction process.

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum being a durable material is used for protection against the penetration of water that drips down on the wall as the result of rain. It is important to incorporate drip edges during the construction process.

Fiberglass Mesh

The fiberglass mesh is a mesh that is interwoven that provides additional strength and resilience when using acrylic plaster. Click here for more information.

Ligo Sealing Paste

The paste is used as a sealant for roofs and exposed concrete. It creates a strong and flexible membrane and is resistant to all weather conditions. It does not chemically attack concrete or metal and maintains flexibility over many years. The sealing paste is considered an excellent sealer and it sticks well to exposed concrete, tar and tiles.

Sealing Paste

Mastigum 10, bituminous elastomeric sealant has an excellent sealing capability, flexibility and elasticity throughout a wide range of temperatures.

Green Building

Part of SKD’s vision aims to turn its construction method into energy saving as much as possible. Most of your energy use is for heating and cooling your home. Therefore, SKD uses glass wool with a density of 24 Kg. per meter of various thicknesses throughout the interior of the house. On the exterior walls where there is a more significant loss of energy SKD uses a thickness of 10cm and on interior walls uses a 5cm thickness. Energy savings can reach on ultimate savings of 75 % heating and cooling the house. In “green” terms this is most significant and represents a huge advantage in using SKD. The insulating materials purchased by SKD are chosen from the best manufacturers and suppliers available on the worldwide market. Included are: GOLMAT which produces insulated glass wool, TAMBOUR which produces fire-resistant gypsum boards, POLYBID which produces polystyrene boards (polystyrene) F30 fire resistant and compressed polystyrene insulation for excellent thermal capabilities and great acoustics.